Hi! I'm Volodymyr Agafonkin.

I'm a software engineer. I created Leaflet, the number one library for interactive web maps, and maintain 40+ other open source projects with a focus on algorithms, computational geometry and performance. I'm building the future of maps at Mapbox.

I'm a musician. I write songs, play guitar and sing in Obiymy Doschu. If you like beautiful, evocative, multilayered rock music with string arrangements, check out our last album.

I'm a father to beautiful 9-year-old twin girls, I'm happily married and live in Kyiv, Ukraine. I love baking, photography, strength training, martial arts, reading, and exploring quiet parks. You can find tidbits of my life on X (Twitter), Instagram and Facebook.

Volodymyr Agafonkin

Here are a few of my best articles:

You can reach me by e-mail: agafonkin@gmail.com.